After a Disaster

In the case of a disaster such as an earthquake, CERT graduates should respond as outlined below:

  • Check yourself, ensure your own safety
  • Check your family members and ensure that they are safe
  • Check your house and ensure that it is structurally safe. You should also check your natural gas service, electrical service, water service, check for fire(s) and lastly, check for any spilled chemicals or fluids.
  • If your telephone or cellular service is working, call your out of state or out of area contact(s) and let them know your status, where you will be and how to get in contact with you.
  • Implement your “Family Disaster Plan”
  • Turn on your FRS radio to your area’s designated primary emergency channel
  • Help your neighbors and assess your neighborhood
  • Once at the Assembly Area report to the Incident Commander. If you are first on scene, you are the Incident Commander. If there is an Operations Chief designated, you should report to him rather than the Incident Commander.