Pet Kit

Experience has shown that when disaster strikes, pet owners will not abandon their pets. In the best case scenario, pets remain with you if your home is habitable or if you are staying in the backyard should your home not be habitable. Should you need to go to a Red Cross shelter, pets are not allowed inside the shelter. You can, however, bring a cage/carrier and your pet will stay in a pet area outside of the Red Cross shelter.


  • Drinking water – 7 day supply is recommended
  • Collapsible water dish
  • Canned or vacuum packed dry food (3-5 day supply) – 7 day supply is recommended
  • Food bowl
  • Muzzle and leash
  • Litter pan and litter for cats
  • Plastic bags for dog waste
  • Cage/carrier
  • Blanket
  • Collar with Identification Tags
  • Medications and telephone number of the pet’s Veterinarian

Additional Emergency Supplies to Consider

  • Pet toys
  • Photo of pet(s) with you and your family
  • Microchip the pet(s)

Download this list here: CERT_Pet_Kit.pdf